Password Chef FAQ

What if someone gets my recipe?

For starters, you can limit the chances of someone accessing your recipe by creating a pin that will need to be entered when you launch the app (under Options).

We also allow you to include a secret code, of any length, into the recipe that is not saved by the app and only you will know.

How many steps do I need to add?

After every step you add, the app uses your recipe to generate passwords for 100 of the most commonly visited websites. If your recipe produces a good password for each, it will receive a stamp of approval, courtesy of the Chef. We recommend adding steps until you earn your stamp, which could be in as little as two steps, or after 10 or more.

Why would I need more than one recipe?

Most users keep two or three recipes. For example, we like to keep one “easy” recipe for less critical accounts and one “complex” recipe for accounts tied to credit cards, and then a third recipe for work-related sites where we share an account.

How do the operations (e.g. “get its keyboard neighbor”) work?

Check out our recipe guide to see how all the operations work.

What about sites with password requirements? My recipe might not produce a password that will work.

Sites are slowly finding out that limiting password lengths or imposing character restrictions is a disservice. Just this March, Twitch had to relax their overly-restrictive password requirements due to user complaints. Most modern sites are on their way to password freedom.

In the meantime, tap the red password area while writing a recipe to pull up a progress report to ensure your recipe is addressing the most common requirements (incorporates a number, special character, upper and lower-case letter; is at least 8 characters in length) for 100 different tested site names.

If you encounter a site with even more stubborn requirements, the app allows you to add a note to your recipe, where you can jot down the recipe adaptation you need to make in order for it to work for the troublemaker.

Do you have my recipe?

No. The recipes aren’t store anywhere but on your phone. We don't keep them on a server, and we consider this a good thing. It means we won't ever need to contact you to let you know your passwords are compromised.