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Breaches: only fun for whales

With more of our lives being shared online, getting hacked can be a nuisance at best and a catastrophe at worst. It's a growing problem—2014 is known as the "Year of the Data Breach" with an unprecedented 1 billion+ personal and business records exposed. Roughly 70% of those records include leaked passwords. 2015 is expected to be worse.

Despite the statistics, people often still use the same password for different sites, allowing criminals to easily test stolen credentials across multiple sites and gain access to valuable accounts: banking, email, file hosting, photo sharing, social media, and more.

The solution? Using strong and unique passwords for every account. It's one of the first steps you can take to safeguard your digital life.

Strong, unique passwords that aren’t stored anywhere.

Password Chef helps you design your own password "recipe" that can turn the letters in any site name into a unique password for that site. A single recipe can produce passwords for many accounts.



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Password Chef Recipe

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What does this mean for you?


Unique, strong passwords for all your sites


Access accounts from anywhere without phones, plugins or paper


Rest easy knowing your passwords aren’t recorded anywhere

Password Techniques Compared

If you can memorize all your passwords, then we think you’re all set and have an enviable memory!

For those of us who can’t remember dozens of lengthy passwords, but can remember a recipe, we think Password Chef will revolutionize the way you enter your passwords.

Password Chef Logo memorize all your passwords write down passwords password manager
installation-free (excluding app) yes yes yes installation typically required for every device/browser
subscription-free yes yes yes sometimes
unrecorded passwords yes yes no no
recall passwords anywhere yes yes no no
mental effort a little a lot minimal minimal

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Add a “secret code” that isn’t stored anywhere, so that if someone finds your recipe, they still won’t know your passwords.

protect passwords
gauge password strength


Check the strength of your recipe with a 100-site test that helps ensure every password will meet the most common requirements.


Create additional recipes and store them in a recipe list so you can, for example, keep one recipe for banking (more complex) and one for gaming (faster entry).

categorize your password recipes

Lock Up

Protect the app from unauthorized access with a passcode

lock up your password recipes